The Edna Walling Garden

Established and owned by four generations of the Cox Family, it was Leonard Bell Cox, OMG, neurologist and distinguished scholar of oriental art, who commissioned Edna Walling to redesign his country garden surrounding his hills cottage. Edna Walling twice completed watercolor plans for Folly and these were implemented in 1936 and 1938. The magic of Ellis Stones rockwork is much evident in the entrance, rockwork and gate pillars. In true Walling style, all the rocks are from the property. Equally as special is the small pond built at the same time by Eric Hammond.

Today, these gardens have matured into a truly special treat and are classified by the National Trust. Wander past the dry stone walls and follow the little pathways. The garden is brimming with special delights…… look closely and see dainty anemone nemorosa, woodland cyclamen and erythronium.

Gracious trees including English Ash, Poplar, Juniper, Mt.Atlas Cedar, Deodar and of course Wailing's signature Silver Birch are there too! The Juniperus Formsana Hayata (Prickly Cyprus) has recently been included on the National Trusts, Register of Significant Trees.

The true test of a great hills garden comes in autumn and winter, the wonderful textures of tree trunks, dry stone walls and fall colors are a testimony to Walling's vision. Late winter and spring brings to life wonderful bulbs and Rhododendron. Summer brings delight in the perennial garden around the cottage. This is designed to be drought tolerant, with selections of rare salvias, phlox and stunning rugosa roses. This garden was designed by talented plantsman, Craig Wilson of Gentiana Nursery, Olinda. This garden receives no water.

In 1998, Belinda and Robert Rooth purchased the property from the Cox Family. Belinda and Robert would be delighted to walk around the garden with you and explain its facinating history.